I am a Danish collage artist and illustrator based in Copenhagen. I come from an artistic family with both Danish and Hungarian roots, and I have always had a great passion for creative originality, craftsmanship and aesthetics. The creative inspiration has followed me throughout my life and has been a deep passion for me and my desire to express myself visually.



among the worlds best…

As the only Danish collage artist, I have been selected for "Making the Cut - The World's Best Practicing Collage Artists"

(Crooks Press, Australia, 2017).

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Featured in Scenario Magazine, published by the Future Research Institute (2018)

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editorial illustration

I illustrate for magazines in Denmark and abroad, and have been happy to work with Sola Magazine (US) and Danish Elle.

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In collaboration with Danish musician Peter Wangel, I illustrated several of Wangel's releases, including the cover design for the LP release "Reason"


art residencies

I am always eager to develop my creative skills and have been very happy to do art residencies around Europe.

Milan: Gate44, Contemporary Printmaking

London: UAL, Universty of the Arts. Central St. Martins: Illustration.

Iceland: Simbahöllin Art Residency, Thingery.

Contemporary Collage art

My collages are small unique 'paintings' and original remixes of something already existing. I often go for simplicity in motif selection and composition - to make the collages expressive and effective with few elements. I create the works by hand with cutouts, scissors and paper. Based on clips originally created by others, I remix and create new expressions and works of art. Remix turns into 're-use'. Recycling for reconstruction. My works thus place themselves in the midst of current and perhaps only real contemporary art (contemporary) - which is based on remixing, sampling and copying.

As a collage artist, I have worked with cover and fashion illustrations for Danish and foreign brands. I have a formal background as a psychologist and have since trained in illustration in London (Central St. Martins) combined with several artistic stays abroad, including art residencies in Milan and Iceland. My works have previously been exhibited in Berlin and Copenhagen, where I live and work today.


For me, the goal is always to create unique, handmade art with a high aesthetic quality that inspires and brings energy and joy to others. The ambition remains to be among the world's best practicing collage artists, and to develop collage art as an art form - for and together with companies, brands and customers.